Michigan State Spartans 4-Pack Eye Black Strips – Black

Your game face brings you confidence and swagger on a daily basis. When you’re hungry your game face takes you on a mission to find food so your hunger can be fulfilled. At the gym your game face turns on your beast mode and makes bench pressing 300 pounds a piece of cake. Putting your game face on at work makes you dominate those presentations and will get you promoted to CEO in no time. Just imagine what your game face can do for your Spartans. An undefeated regular season long touchdown plays and numerous sacks on the opposing quarterback will be the norm for the Spartans when you get your game face on with these black Eye Black Strips. Each strip is made using medical grade tape and features a team logo on a black background. The pack of four may not be the ordinary black strips you are used to but they still reduce glare in the same capacity. Your game face is dangerous and most likely considered a weapon of mass destruction by the government but it will be put to good use when your Spartans pull off 14 straight wins.




$ 3.95